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Australian blue heelers Puppies


Born May 1st and ready for a new home. not registered/Shots needed.


pick up in Riverside.


Contact Jordan for more information:













Hoppy Days Rabbitry is a small rabbitry in Southern California raising show quality standard Rex rabbits. We sell pedigreed show rabbits, pet rabbits, pelts, and 100% organic meat for raw feeding. Rex are known for their dense, plush fur and their docile temperaments, making them the perfect addition to your family or a great start for your kids 4-H dream! We breed nationally competitive bloodlines and hold strict standards when selecting show rabbits. We carry colors such as blue, black, broken, otter and white. Our rabbitry feeds 100% organic pellets and fodder to ensure all our rabbits are in the peak of health and all our litters are handled daily.


Contact and more information:

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Brady bunch rabbitry

Contact and more information:

(1) Brady Bunch Rabbitry | Facebook









Contact:  Lori Enright  (951)505-5230 or


welsh harlequin ducks


Four ducks for sale: three female and one male. They don’t like to be held but are calm and are beautiful birds. They are laying and produce fertile eggs in case you want to hatch ducklings! $60 for the whole flock. Would make a great starter flock for someone just getting into ducks!


Contact Chelsea for more information:

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