Contact:  Lori Enright  (951)505-5230 or

Hens for Sale

Three-and-a-half month old buff orpington, ISA (red and white), production red, and wyandotte are available. Only fed organic feed. They will be laying soon.


If you are interested, contact Edward by text or call (951)897-7144.      











Hoppy Days Rabbitry is a small rabbitry in Southern California raising show quality standard Rex rabbits. We sell pedigreed show rabbits, pet rabbits, pelts, and 100% organic meat for raw feeding. Rex are known for their dense, plush fur and their docile temperaments, making them the perfect addition to your family or a great start for your kids 4-H dream! We breed nationally competitive bloodlines and hold strict standards when selecting show rabbits. We carry colors such as blue, black, broken, otter and white. Our rabbitry feeds 100% organic pellets and fodder to ensure all our rabbits are in the peak of health and all our litters are handled daily.


Contact and more information:


For meat and breeding stock...

Contact and more information:  

Josh at or (562)505-7700

roosters & hens

Young hens/roosters for sale. Hens will start to lay eggs soon. Pairs of hens and roosters if someone is looking to add a breed to their flock, breeds include Americanas, Anconas, California White, Black Jersey Giants. pair of hen and rooster is $25. San Bernardino area. 

Contact and more information:  

Milton at (949)295-9470





American Farm and Larder at Amy's Farm

7698 Eucalyptus Avenue

Ontario California 91762

Feed pick-up locations are offered throughout riverside, orange, and san Bernardino counties.
FEED PICK-UP HOURS at Amy's farm:
Monday through Friday by appt, 
Saturday 9am until noon (by appointment after noon). 
Please check the Calendar page or call for other locations, days, and times.

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