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Ingredients: Organic Beeswax , Organic Shea Butter, Organic Solid Coconut , Organic Sunflower Carrier Oil , Organic Tamanu Carrier Oil, Calendula (olive oil infused), and Vitamin E.


Healing Balm is a gentle, soothing balm that is perfect for all skin types, especially for those that have dry, irritated skin. This wonderful balm moisturizes, relieves dry, irritated skin, and leaves the skin feeling silky and soft.


Created by our Certified Aromatherapists, Healing Balm is made with all natural ingredients. Whether being used on babies, children, or adults you know that this balm is perfectly suitable for all. During the harsh winter when skin needs an extra moisture barrier, Healing Balm will be there for you to keep your skin feeling protected and silky smooth!


Directions: Add a pea size amount to the palm of the hand and apply topically to the affected areas. Use as often as necessary throughout the day.

Organic Healing Balm

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