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Handcrafted with Organic Ingredients ~ Made in small batches by me!


Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, nonGMO Calcium Powder, Pure Xylitol, Organic Baking Soda, Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

I have often heard about the link between nutrition and oral health and the ability for teeth to re-mineralize and regenerate and reverse a cavity. The best approach to achieve this is two-part: addressing mineral levels in the body/saliva and using a natural re-mineralizing toothpaste that provides minerals to the surface of the teeth. 

This toothpaste has shown to help with tooth sensitivity, whitening, and polishing of teeth for cleaner teeth.

This toothpaste is kid-approved, and since it has no fluoride, its safe on babies, toddlers, and those with thyroid problems.

Re-Mineralizing Toothpaste

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