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Introducing the Ultrafuse™ Essential Oil Diffuser, a sleek and powerful diffuser that combines ultrasonic technology with an easy to use interface designed with your needs in mind. With five LED color light display options, Bluetooth connectivity, and a remote control, you’ll love the convenience and simple, modern design that is sure to complement any decor. Additionally, this beautiful diffuser is created with a rare, natural purple clay using ancient Chinese craftsmanship passed down through generations, making it a unique and charming addition to your home. 

It features a large water reservoir (200 mL) that covers an area of approximately 538 square feet. The Ultrafuse™ Diffuser requires no heat or chemicals, allowing the essential oils to retain all of their natural benefits and chemical profile. With continuous, intermittent, and preset timers (1hr/6hrs), you have complete control over how long you choose to diffuse, along with the peace of mind knowing that your Ultrafuse™ will automatically shut off when the timer is complete or the water has run out.



Basic Operations:

Remove the top cover.

Add water into the water reservoir until it reaches the red water indicator.

Add 8 -10 drops of essential oil directly into the water.

Replace the top cover.

Plug in the power adapter.

Press the Power button on the device, or press the Power button on the remote control to turn on the diffuser.

The functions and timer can be set and/or controlled though the remote control.


Remote Control Operation:

Mist Button: Press to turn on the diffuser. The mist emits continuously and the light turns on simultaneously. Press the Mist Button again to turn off. The diffuser will shut off automatically when the water runs out.


Intermittent Mist Button: Press to turn on intermittent operation (5 mins on/ 5 mins off). Press again to turn off. The diffuser will shut off automatically when the water runs out.


Timer Function Selection: Press the 1H button for 1 hour of continuous operation. Press the 6H button for 6 hours of continuous operation. The diffuser will shut off automatically when the timer is complete.


LED Light Settings:

Press the On/Off button to cycle through LED light display modes. (Five colors: blue, green, yellow, purple, and white)


The light can be turned on/off independently through the remote control when the unit is in standby mode.


Bluetooth Connectivity:

Once the diffuser is connected to a power source, the diffuser is now searchable for pairing with other media players, such as a mobile phone or tablet.


In the Bluetooth connection setting of the media player, search for “BT diffuser” and pair with the UltraFuse Diffuser.


When successfully paired, audio files in the media player can be played through the built-in speaker of the UltraFuse Diffuser.


Using Bluetooth:

Press the Bluetooth On/Off button once to turn on the diffuser’s Bluetooth connectivity.


Press again to turn off the Bluetooth connectivity.


Press the Volume + button to increase the sound level.


Press the Volume – button to decrease the sound level.


Product Details:

Product Dimensions

  • 145x145x243 mm
  • Reservoir Capacity is 200 mL
  • Diffuser covers approximately 538 square feet


  • This product is under a one year limited warranty, provided the operation and maintenance strictly follow the instructions in the manual.
  • The warranty is valid for one year starting from the date of purchase.
  • Please contact Plant Therapy for replacing and repairing. Call 800-917-6577 or email with order number.

UltraFuse Essential Oil Diffuser

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