Blogging at American Farm and Larder


New to American Farm and Larder....a Blog.

I am excited about this new communication option. Through blogging, I am hoping that you will get to know more about me; I would like to learn more about you; to learn more about what you want; share new products; learn about the products I have been offering and let you know why I offer them. I am passionate about the products I offer and believe they are the best on the market. I love organic (but love nonGMO even more since it means less government intervention). I am always on the search for new products...hopefully that come with a smaller price point...First and foremost, I strive to offer the most nutritious options for your animals that are on the market today as I know this means better nutrition for you and your family.

I welcome and encourage your feedback, questions, and comments. I am thankful for you, my customer, for your support and friendship. As I strive to give you healthy options for your family, you support my business which supports my longing to be the best mom and gramma I can be. The eternal benefits of this are endless as we walk this journey together for the love of God and our families.

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