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Some of my favorite things about Modesto Milling Organic Feed:

Modesto Milling uses whole ingredients and herbs to boost vitamin and mineral levels. Where most ingredient lists are a mile long with additives, Modesto’s ingredient list is concise and easy to recognize. Their nutrition comes in the original package!

So many farms are adding diatomaceous earth, Redmond salt, Redmond clay, and kelp meal to their conventional feeds to boost nutritional value. Modesto incorporates all of those into their formulas. Buyers are elated!

With routine consumption, Diatomaceous Earth and garlic oil are both recognized as an organic parasite control. Modesto Milling uses both.

Modesto Milling provides different types of feed to meet different animal and lifecycle requirements.

Certified organic herbs are used in their poultry, horse, livestock, and rabbit formulas taking advantage of the powerful properties of garlic, anise oil, cinnamon, rosemary oil, and thyme. The use of essential oils as feed additives for agricultural animals has become an exciting area of study as a means of improving animal productivity. Laboratory research has shown that certain essential oils, including carvacrol (from oregano), cinnamaldehyde (from cinnamon), and capsaicin (from chili peppers) have shown to improve the performance of poultry.

Modesto Milling has pellets and crumble! With loose ingredients, there is waste and a lack of balanced nutrition. When feeding poultry, they eat the larger pieces and leave the powdered mineral mix that contains all those vitamins and minerals you are paying for but this is not the case with pellets and crumble. With each bite, your animal is getting a balanced diet.

Modesto Milling offers soy-free and corn/soy-free options.

Modesto Milling offers whole grains and seeds which are suitable for sprouting. You can soak your feed until it sprouts and then feed it for added nutrition and to make your feed go further or use the whole grains and seeds for fodder or cover crops. Modesto field dries their grains and seeds. A lot of suppliers kiln dry and, when grain is kiln dried, your germination rate hits the floor!

Modesto Milling can even supply grass-fed operations! Alfalfa pellets can winter over all those grass-fed herds…

Modesto Milling Organic Feed:

“We believe in creating feed formulations that strive to increase the health and longevity of the species. We use organic manufacturing standards and continuously look for ingredients that are as close as possible to their raw state. No herbicides, pesticides, commercial fertilizers, or GMOs are allowed in the Organic program, and the ingredients we choose are specific to the species and goals of their owners.”

Buy your bag or order in bulk from American Farm and Larder! From the field to the mill to American Farm and Larder! We do not use distributors!

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