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Virulent Newcastle Disease in Southern California ~ What You Need to Know

Virulent Newcastle disease (VND) has been found in Southern California. It is a contagious disease of birds, including chickens.

How to Protect Your Birds

1. Wash hands and scrub boots before and after entering an area with birds.

2. Avoid sharing equipment; clean and disinfect equipment and tires before moving them between properties.

3. Isolate any bird returning from shows for 30 days before placing them with the rest of the flock.

4. Do not bring any new birds on to your property as long as the disease is in California.

What You Can Do To Help

1. If you think your birds are sick, please immediately call the Sick Bird Hotline at: 866-922-2473.

2. Keep your birds away from other birds.

3. If you visit family or friends with birds shower, wash your clothes, and change your shoes before handling your birds.

4. Do not visit them without taking these same steps if you have handled your birds.

5. Try to keep people who also own birds from visiting your property.

6. Share information about VND with family and friends.

Attached is more information from the CDFA.

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