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Does your horse suffer from hot spots and swollen or sore legs after a hard workout?

Besides causing discomfort to your horse, stiff muscles and swollen tendons can diminish performance and lead to other injuries.

Help your hard-working horse or equine athlete recover more quickly and completely with Red Edge. Red Edge is a revitalizing and restorative poultice that keeps legs cool and tight before exercise and speeds up recovery time after.

Made from hydrated Redmond Clay and pure essential oils, Red Edge cools on contact to soothe hot, tired muscles, then goes to work drawing out excess fluid and swelling. A therapeutic blend of menthol, peppermint and tea tree oils also relieves inflammation and helps your horse relax.

Red Edge is easy to apply straight out of the bucket. It goes on smooth and washes off with water. Apply a thick layer to your horse’s legs on its own or use in combination with wraps for a more intensive treatment. It’s also great for hoof soreness or abscesses.

How do I use it?

Redmond's poultice is gentle and sting-free, with no harsh chemicals to irritate your horse’s skin or yours. And because our product is completely natural, there’s no harm if your horse licks or ingests some!

Ensure your horse is in peak form before every performance and pampered afterward. Give your horse the leading edge with Red Edge.

”There just seems to be something about the minerals in Redmond’s clay that work better at pulling out swelling and pain than other products—so I switched back. Now I use Redmond’s new Red Edge. It’s the same Redmond clay, but premixed and with essential oils added to pamper and help my horse relax. I love that I don’t have to mix it into a mud myself now. This product makes my life easier! It’s easy at hand, ready to apply, and I can quickly attack swelling in my horses’ legs at the first sign and not wait until it’s a big problem.”

Jennifer Quarnberg

See videos on our Facebook page at American Farm and Larder to see videos on how to use this product. Redmond Red Edge Equine Poultice is available at American Farm and Larder!

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