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Organic Mini Pig Feed

Pet pigs began trending as pets in the early 90’s and, as time progressed, other small domestic pig breeds have come on the scene. Modesto Milling has responded to the increased demand for high-quality nutritional feed for pet pigs by creating the Organic Mini Pig Pellet (#643). Modesto Milling has worked to produce a mini pig feed that meets the nutritional requirements of these special pets while eliminating GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides, and other impurities.

Modesto Milling Organic Mini Pig Feed has many satisfied customers who have noted that the Organic Mini Pig Pellet has aided in improving skin and coat conditions and has a more pleasant smell than competitive brands. The Organic Mini Pig Pellet is packaged in 25# bags, simplifying shipping and home storage, but is also available in 50# bags.

Scratch & Peck Mini Pig Feed offers a Mini Pig Adult and a Mini Pig Maintenance feed.

Scratch & Peck's Mini Pig Adult can be fed 6 weeks to 4 years. This feed has cracked grains for easy digestion, and it can be fermented for optimal bioavailability and nutrient absorption. Organic Mini Pig Maintenance is a complete feed for mini pigs ages 4 years and older. It has moderate protein levels and satisfies hunger without encouraging unnecessary growth. Both Adult and Maintenance are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and Animal Welfare Approved, while also void of soy and corn. Scratch & Peck uses a blend of organic grains grown by regional family farms. Scratch & Peck's mini pig feed is available in18# and 40# bags.

American Farm and Larder offers both Modesto Milling and Scratch & Peck feeds while also having access to conventional feeds. Please keep us in mind when purchasing feed for your animals. Contact us today to order or pick up a bag!

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