Mini Pig Feeds Are Available at American Farm and Larder - Scratch and Peck Mini Pig Adult and Maint

Scratch and Peck is now offering an Organic Mini Pig Adult feed which is for mini pigs ages 6 weeks to 4 years. This feed has cracked grains for easy digestion, and it can be fermented for optimal bioavailability and nutrient absorption. ​The small stature of mini pigs requires well-managed diets and careful attention to specific needs. This Organic Mini Pig Adult feed is for mini pigs ages 6 weeks to 4 years. The feed contains proper fiber, protein, and fat content to help young pigs grow into adulthood. The feed is Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and Animal Welfare Approved, while also void of soy and corn. Scratch and Peck uses a blend of Pacific Northwest grown cracked whole

Benefits of Garlic in Poultry

If you smell the garlic on your chicken’s breath that is a very good thing. That means the garlic is delivering its effectiveness throughout their body. Sulfur is a wonderful anthelmintic towards particular worms that can infest our flock. Raw garlic possesses antibiotic properties and needs to be eaten after crushing, slicing or pressed to garner the full effectiveness. In a matter of 24 hours the antibiotic properties are gone, but the compounds change into other beneficial sulfides and related compounds. The sulfides in garlic can help stimulate the immune system and act on the blood as antioxidants. It is interesting to note that commercial sulfonamide drugs were developed to treat infec

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American Farm and Larder at Amy's Farm

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Ontario California 91762

Feed pick-up locations are offered throughout riverside, orange, and san Bernardino counties.
FEED PICK-UP HOURS at Amy's farm:
Monday through Friday by appt, 
Saturday 9am until noon (by appointment after noon). 
Please check the Calendar page or call for other locations, days, and times.

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