Redmond Udder Mud

Udder Mud is organic. The concentrated formula includes mint, tea tree oil, and menthol - three ingredients that can help soothe udders, hocks, and joints. Udder Mud is Ugly on Purpose. Redmond keeps the naturally soothing formula as simple as possible. The result is not pretty, but it is effective. The unique bentonite clay base draws out heat, helps with swelling, and increases circulation. Works for All Lactating Animals. Udder Mud is loved by cows, sheep, goats, and more. Use Udder Mud to soothe any livestock's cuts, bumps, and bruises. Udder Mud is a Rub, Not a Lotion. Apply a generous amount of Udder Mud to the affected area. For best results, leave a thick layer and repeat after each


Did you know that dandelion is an amazing food and medicine? Though most people view dandelions as pesky weeds that are super invasive, they are the most nutritious plants around.It has been used for centuries as a food and as a medicine to treat anemia, eczema, psoriasis, blood disorders, and depression. Dandelions contain high amounts of Vitamin A and C, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. They are rich in trace minerals, Vitamin K and Vitamin D too. They have more protein than spinach. DANDELION HEALTH BENEFITS PROTECTS BONES Dandelions are extremely rich in Vitamin K; they contain over 500 percent of your daily value. It is an essential fat-soluble vitamin

What Killed My Chicken?

Did something get one or more of your chickens? Naturally, you want to know what it was and, more importantly, how to prevent it from happening again. We need to know all the possible killers and go through a series of questions to figure out what did it. Examples of Land Predators: Fox, raccoon, opossum, skunk, rat, feral pig, dog, people, bear, coyote, snake, bobcat, cat, weasel, wolf, and tiger. Examples of Aerial Predators: Hawk, owl, eagle, and crow (usually only go after chicks or small breeds). That’s a pretty exhaustive list of all the possibilities, and yes, there are more. But, how can you possibly tell what killed your bird? Here’re a series of questions to help narrow down the po

Feed and Fines – Maximizing the value with Fermented Feed!

One of the most frequently asked questions about Scratch & Peck feed is, “Why are there all these fines in the feed and how do I get my chickens to eat it?” This question is important as it identifies one of Scratch & Peck's core philosophies as a company; that a raw, whole grain feed is nutritionally superior to highly processed products. Most feed mills producing poultry feed use a combination of heat and water to process their products into pellets and crumbles, while we focus on providing a product that is as raw and natural as possible. The ‘fines’ present in Scratch & Peck's balanced feeds are the added protein, probiotics, vitamins and minerals that support an animal’s health and deve

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American Farm and Larder at Amy's Farm

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Ontario California 91762

Feed pick-up locations are offered throughout riverside, orange, and san Bernardino counties.
FEED PICK-UP HOURS at Amy's farm:
Monday through Friday by appt, 
Saturday 9am until noon (by appointment after noon). 
Please check the Calendar page or call for other locations, days, and times.

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