Sunscreen Safety: SPF, UVA, UVB, Oxybenzone & Vitamin D

I avoid most conventional sunscreens. Recently, reports from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Consumer Reports have warned consumers against using many types of conventional sunscreens, especially on children. Some places have even gone as far as banning chemicals in certain formulations. Why We Need to Look at Sunscreen Safety Sunscreen use has risen in past decades, as media outlets and doctors tout its benefits for protecting against skin cancer, UV rays, and sunburn. The problem with this billion-dollar-a-year market: not all are created equal and recent reports reveal that some sunscreens may be harmful. Also, while usage is on the rise… so are skin cancer rates. New reports su

Forget the Chemicals and Give Your Skin Whole Food Nourishment...

American Farm and Larder's pastured grass-fed tallow balms are healing whole-skin balms. These balms are full of natural fats and minerals. It feeds your skin making it soft and supple. It is not fractionated, meaning that each ingredient is in its whole form. 100% grass-fed tallow, organic coconut oil, organic essential oils...delightfully whipped for a smooth texture in small batches by me! American Farm and Larder offers face and body balms including an organic lavender essential oil tallow balm, an organic helichrysum and all three organic frankincense essential oil anti-aging tallow balm along with a citrus tallow balm with organic sweet orange, organic lime, organic lemon, and organic

Bringing the Barnyard into Your Backyard

Realizing our food is lacking in nutrients, people are taking the leap and growing vegetables to raising animals. Chickens, it turns out, are lower maintenance than a dog and just as affectionate. And your pooch probably can't help you make breakfast. Once relegated to the farm, chicken coops are now popping up in backyards. You, too, can bring the barnyard into your backyard! Three reasons chickens should be your next pet: 1. They are inexpensive. Feeding organic feed along with produce from the garden and leftover table scraps, feed costs less than a dollar per day per chicken. There could be a small lump sum up front if you are building your own coop. 2. They feed you. Chickens start to l

Why is it important to look for non-GMO Feeds?

Many of the trends in human food consumption make their ways to feeds designed for poultry and livestock. Owners of these species who consider the species pets follow the trends because they wouldn’t feed their feathered or furry friends inconsistently with their own food intake standards. But for people who are raising these animals as part of the food chain, there may be even more reasons to take notice. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been introduced to the food supply to increase yields, decrease costs and make fruits and vegetables more resistant to pests and diseases. While these goals seem noble enough, it is still uncertain as to whether the risks outweigh the rewards or i

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Feed pick-up locations are offered throughout riverside, orange, and san Bernardino counties.
FEED PICK-UP HOURS at Amy's farm:
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