Non-GMO Chaffhaye and Rabbits

What is Chaffhaye? Chaffhaye is premium bagged forage that captures the key characteristics of fresh pasture while also offering a guaranteed level of nutrition. It is ideal for insuring maximum health and well being. Chaffhaye is made with premium alfalfa that is carefully selected and harvested at peak leafiness to maximize nutrients, palatability, and digestibility. Can I feed Chaffhaye to rabbits? Chaffhaye alfalfa has a great level of protein and fiber for rabbits. The fermentation process that Chaffhaye undergoes makes it much more digestible and bio-available to the rabbit. The fermentation process reduces the sugars and starch making it a healthy choice. Benefits of Chaffhaye * Excel

A Better/Healthier Option...Reusable Storage Bags for Your Kitchen

I must confess, I LOVE 'Ziplock' bags. I love the convenience of them whether it is because they are always available, they transport easily, and you just toss washing and drying is necessary! Glass storage containers are heavy and bulky. And, like everyone else, I have decided to ditch my plastic storage. I would love a healthy alternative...a flexible, non-toxic, and reusable replacement for single-use Ziploc bags. Flexible bags are so incredibly helpful when trying to squeeze a lot of food into a small space. When I started researching ways to keep fruits and veggies fresh longer, I was so excited to come across some durable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly options for the freezer,

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Feed pick-up locations are offered throughout riverside, orange, and san Bernardino counties.
FEED PICK-UP HOURS at Amy's farm:
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