Eat Seasonly and Enjoy Food More

I’m always looking for easy ways to improve my health and seasonal eating is one of the best. I enjoy dreaming up recipes based on what’s at the farmer’s market or in the garden. And it’s not as hard as it seems! Seasonal eating comes naturally when you simply change your mindset and get in touch with where your food comes from. Why Eat Seasonally? Eating seasonally has many benefits: Taste – In-season produce is often much tastier than out of season produce because it doesn’t have to be shipped as far (or at all) and can ripen for longer on the plant. Health – For the same reason that in-season produce tastes better, it’s also generally higher in nutrients. Support Local Economy – Eating in

Plant Diversity & Natural Pest Solutions for Garden Health

Insectary flowering plants attract, feed, and provide habitat for predator insects that aid in biological pest control in the garden, such as birds, lizards, ladybugs, lacewings, etc. Yarrow, sunflower, cilantro, onion, dill, and radishes are considered some of the top insectary plants used by organic gardeners worldwide. They are not only great at attracting predatory hoverflies and lacewings, but they are also edible! Start by identifying the insects you do not want in your garden and target them appropriately. For example, sunflowers are attractive to beneficial mites that are great at wreaking havoc on thrips, while yarrow is a favorite for hoverflies, parasitic wasps, and ladybugs, all

12 Delicious Herbs and Spices With Proven Health Benefits

You probably add herbs and spices to your recipes without even thinking about it! While they can usually make or break your culinary creations, there’s so much more to the humble herb or spice than taste. I try to include a regular variety since they have incredible health benefits that are well studied (and make food so much more fun!). Many contain even more of these disease-fighting properties than some fruits and vegetables! Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices All spices originate from plants: flowers, fruits, seeds, barks, leaves, and roots. So it makes sense they would be an amazing source of flavor and antioxidants. Many spices contain antibacterial and antiviral properties and are of

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Feed pick-up locations are offered throughout riverside, orange, and san Bernardino counties.
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